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Application 488 assassination/combat rogue

My name is John MichaelI am an Assassination/ combat rogueI and currently a maxed Skinner and bs but will dropping bs for LW I am good at rogue because I had an instant attachment...
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ilvl 383 Worgen Assassination Rogue

I'm currently on Rexxar playing since 2006Currently have 2 level 90's and 7 level 85'sI know class roles besides my own.I've raided since Vanilla and cleared everything except o...
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480 ilvl warlock

Name: PamphletClass and Specialization: Affliction warlockProfessions: Tailoring and jewelcrafting though I might swap out jewelcrafting for alchemy or engineering.Raiding History: I have been raiding since BC. I was a resto shaman during BC and ...
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Sample Application

Name:Spec / Class: Professions: Armory link: World of Logs link (LFR works): 1. Discuss your class. What makes you good at your class? We want to know your playstyle. If you do not have optimal gems/glyphs/talents, Explain here.:2. We like to see...
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