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And another guide (my fave)

Strat on 10m that worked for us: BURN SUL BEFORE HE EMPOWERS
Avg ilvl: 502 (guild progression 14/16H T14)
Comp: Blood DK/Prot Warr
H Pal/Disc Priest
Lock/Mage/Moonkin/Hunter/Rogue/WW Monk

At first we tried to do the fight "normally" and mostly DPS down whatever boss was Empowered. That worked decently, but problems arose during Sul's (sand guy) empowerment and Malakk's (frost guy). The hard parts of the fight seem to be dealing with Malakk's and Sul's Empowerments. We revised our strat to kill Sul before he can be empowered and killed the fight within 5 pulls. This is an easier strat imo, but you need decent DPS and probably have to 2 heal. I'd post logs but they bugged out on us.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ ______
You want to start on Sul with hero and burn him down as much as possible. Malakk will become empowered but we did not switch to him until after we killed the first add. Depending on your DPS you'll get Sul to about 50-66% HP. At this point swap to Malakk, but keep Sul double dotted and cleave when possible. You can let the bosses empower for about 10-15 seconds before the Dark Power AoE pulse gets overwhelming, so just keep that in mind that letting the boss reach 100 energy isn't the end of the world, just be quick to break them out after.

Your DPS goal is to kill Sul before he is empowered. Since he is the last one to be empowered in the first round, you have 3 empowers to do this. For the adds, not all your DPS have to switch. 3 of our DoT DPS (aff lock/fire mage/moonkin) mostly ignored the adds and just double DoTTed Sul and the empowered boss as much as possible.

When Sul dies the fight becomes a lot easier since there's no more random damage from Sand Bolts and the quicksand stops spawning. From there we put our cleave damage onto Malakk to try and kill him next. The only thing that's of a danger here is Malakk's Frostbite empowerment and the tank stun (we taunted, but you can also just CD it). After Frost King dies the fight is essentially over, as the other two bosses don't do anything threatening.
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this seems pretty damn easy. lets try to post some more strategies and (what a shocker) -- lets make sure everyone knows the next 2-3 fights we are going to be seeing in the future. :)
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