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#7200049 Jan 07, 2013 at 06:55 PM
John Michael
My name is John Michael
I am an Assassination/ combat rogue
I and currently a maxed Skinner and bs but will dropping bs for LW
1. I am good at rogue because I had an instant attachment to the class. I am constantly looking up the newest trendy dps rotations and trying them out myself. I feel like rogue is a lost art and no one plays them anymore and I am out to prove they are still very viable. Currently I do not have optimal weapon enchants. I am using windsong instead of dancing steel but will be changing that shortly.
2. I played ret paladin in BC and downed the black temple and half of the sunwell. I played a DK in WOTLK and downed all the bosses in normal ulduar and finished normal ICC 10m. I completed all of bot,bwd, and FL on my ret paladin but didn't no much of DS besides LFR.
3. You should pick me because I love gearing up and progression more than anything. I want to get in, down bosses, and have a high Ilvl. I am reliable and ready to progress with you guys immediatly.
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